As the long hot summer nights are replaced by cooler evenings where the sun sets early and the sofa looks ever more inviting, its worth remembering that El Puerto de Santa María is a wonderful places to spend a few days, regardless of the weather. 

Deserted beaches are great for a midday stroll, where temperatures are still pleasant enough to head out in long sleeves and stretch your legs before sitting down to lunch in restaurants where you now don’t have to fight for a seat. 

Within less than 5 minutes of Casa Nº 6 you will find some delightful bars where hot tapas and raciones are starting to appear on the menu. 

Although they aren’t so widely spoken about as “traditional Mediterranean dishes”, there are plenty of soups, broths and stews to enjoy in the colder months: Just ask the locals how a plate of “lentejas” or “puchero” hits the spot, and prepare yourself for a passionate tale about their grandmother’s recipe, and how it is the best thing they’ve ever tasted.

And of course there are plenty of hot dishes for seafood fans and vegetarians – Berenjena frita con miel is a personal favourite, but I’m sure you have yours!